8 TIPS for your Conferences and Presentations

It's time conferences, presentations, to highlight and rage in your target audiences. Today we give you some 8 tips that if you use, te harán más fácil este emocionante camino al success of your presentation or lecture.

Sure you have heard of Storytelling, "Tell a story" and as every story has a striking main topic, creating a great expectation in the listener, an exciting development of ups and downs and a spectacular catharsis at the end.

Ethe Storytelling're an Art, a difficult skill to develop and capable of causing a great impact on the public.

These are the 8 tips we have prepared for you, put them into practice in your lectures and presentations, and you'll see results:

1. What are you going to give away?

And, What will you give to your audience? Learning that you are sharing. You can ask yourself these questions, among other: How relevant is the issue? It is widespread or available, or it is something new? Perhaps, Do you want to present it from a new perspective? How long have available to exhibition?

2. Your language

connect with audience, talk to your own language, easy, avoid words that you're not accustomed to using. If the speech has to be very technical, troubling to understand well the term to suit you if you stay blank, and seeks examples to explain "that" term.

An example is Steve Jobs "The new iPod has 4GB capacity"; He said "You can now have 1.000 songs in your pocket ". What is simpler and more impact?

3. Create Expectation

If your conference is long and covers many talking points. Teaches the end at the beginning of your presentation, with one simple phrase. So you catch the interest of your audience.

4. Reason and Emotion, and balance.

It is a story, a story, like when you were a kid, but the content is very important, you have to find that balance between content and entertainment, so the key point here, son 45 seconds, you spend each party.

5. Be Empathetic

Is different lecture in Madrid, in the Canary Islands, and we know, we love to talk about us when we attended a conference, so, Why not do the same, This way you involve all or almost all, Participants attendees. Includes examples involving the city where these.

6. The presentation

Aquello que “una imagen vale más que mil palabras” olvidado en este caso. In your presentation, uses the minimum amount of sheets and words in it, potential

More than eight words distract your audience. The important thing is you and what you have to say.

So, one sentence, or better yet, single word. These are only a visual support, not for you, but for your audience, they connect the blade with your narrative. Thus, you must take good care, the correlation between what you say, and blade. And do not forget that you are the protagonist.

7. Resources Comunicarte

Everything counts, and at a conference or presentation 75% is bodily expression, your hands, Your look, body position and arrangement on stage

Tone of voice, certainly if you speak in one record, who hears you sleep, so do not forget to practice your speech intonation. And do not forget, el silencio es el arma más potente que tenemos, if we use it well.

Light is very important, ensures that there is adequate percentage of light, the fund can not highlight and you be in the background; on the other hand, if there is low light the mind tends to rest and you are to excite and your public transport.

8. To practice, To practice, To practice

Already know the 80-20? For I will talk about the 90-60.

Las conferencias más exitosas, They have their creation time, maturation and implementation. This is many hours of preparation.

The method 90-60 consists in 90 hours to prepare a conference 60 minutes, regardless of how well you master the subject that you try or field in which you move. So this is a key point.


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