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Managing Corporate Travel

No matter how big or small your company, we know that when managing a corporate travel or business, There are many factors to consider. Therefore we must have a solid travel policy, Whether you have a large company, as if we are SMEs or autonomous.

Establishing guidelines to follow our collaborators, like ourselves, reduce costs and, accidents or mishaps.

The first step is the mark we must define clear goals trip, what we want to achieve with this trip and if you really have all the information needed to embark. So, we define goals, We keep costs low without lowering the quality of our travel plans and schedule B shares in all we do. We take care of our security and our team, not to mention the convenience of travelers.

To keep corporate travel costs in check, It is essential to have a policy of spending to ensure the comfort of passengers, without exceeding or significantly diminishing costs, must meet the needs of travelers. We should note that there are specific needs or considerations related to business activities that can not be neglected. But, Do not forget that we all like to choose, therefore we must give employees options when making the trip.

The definition of all aspects of corporate travel, It should be well reflected in a document available to all employees of the company equipment. clear rules of travel, these must be universal and that absolutely no random factor or that confusing, While defining every aspect: Reservations, expenses, etc.

The information inside the company know that it is important mu, and must reach each and every one of our employees regardless, whether or not there, the possibility that that person gets to make a corporate trip. It must ensure that every member of the company knows the travel policy. And relevant documentation, it should also be available to any employee of the company. Smooth and clear communication, remembering in the first months of its implementation.

In the following post, we will give more clues to draft a Corporate Travel Policy to improve practices in your company.


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