We build brands – We do business!

We are much more than a company.

We are a committed agency


Our mission is to create a corporate event so that no one forgets a single message transmitted, whether verbal, visual, olfactory, tactile, gustatory and creative.
We each event a distinctive touch, so cale among attendees and talk for weeks of your event. And remembering the issue immediately come to your mind your brand, Our company, your project.


The honesty, commitment, professionalism and communication to our customers are banners defending our life project, what, with organizational capacity, the good work and comprehensive solution to all aspects of your event, hace of ENCCAS GROUP, the ideal company to plan, organize and coordinate their business meeting.
We are a team of professionals committed to your projects


From small events to the multitudinous Congress, conventions or project you want to develop, we will treat it with the same dedication and care in the integral solution of your event. With varied themes, and a distinctive touch each.
Because SMEs and freelancers also need to grow your corporate event, we give the necessary impetus to grow and become known.


Improve lives and create brands

We help brands to create and participate in meaningful conversations and future.

We commit to obtain optimum results.


Deliverability in each project, joining our team, the contribution of each project makes in a higher level of commitment is reached to achieve excellence in every event.


Our schedules and days of meeting with your project are completely flexible. We work every day to achieve our greatest satisfaction, that your project or event, is unmatched, memorable and meets your desired goals.


We like effective media, so we use tools that fit your projects to be always available at all times.


We adapt to the times of our customers, we move to any point in Spain and abroad to plan, organize and coordinate each project, no matter how big or small that this is. We use the latest technologies and networks to communicate with you.


Our team does not skimp on resources to achieve excellence in each project, the effort and good work constantly makes it possible.


Project information at every step. Your company will be at all times a day how will the project, with an open and effective communication.


Reserve all areas of the event focused on a single site, and the agreements reached with our partners, can reduce the costs of your project.

personalized service and exclusive for each event, to avoid unnecessary details.


Planning, Organization and execution of your personalized Congress.


All kinds of Event, tailored to your company and your budget.


All the technology applied to the Company with the latest trends.


Press always managing your Corporate Event and transmit it to the rest of the world

Customer Reviews.

What our customers say.

“very personal and professional treatment from the team of Enccas Group.”

María Valverde

ACT Training Center

“I have worked with Enccas Group in organizing an informative workshop and the treatment has been great both professionally and personally. Strongly recommended”

Emilio Aguilar

CEO Digital Project

“Great team and great professionalism in the management and execution of events.”

Jose L. García

Web Magazine


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