We organize business meetings to publicize the new Business, or strengthen communications Y business with others that are already on the market. The relationships They are very important to us, therefore we closed two days a week, one in the morning and other in the afternoon so you do not miss it. we organize meetings in different areas Málaga and we expanded to other cities Andalusia.

The Dynamic

To open the meeting, one or two speakers will devote us some time to talk relevant topic, or his personal experience in the area to be treated. One of the speakers will be a renowned businessman, and other a SME or autonomous who wishes. Prearranged and studied his subject. Questions and answers.

This will help us all present to empathize and recognize if we are at that point in our career and find possible next steps, to achieve intended target.

then, each company will have the opportunity to present your company to the audience, there will be a small wheel questions and answers, as an approach to coffee or snack end where more information will be exchanged, cards, details, etc.

We consider, this way participants will have a sufficient and effective time to previously know each company so that when the snack we maximize the time and the Business objectivity try.

We allocated a private and conditioned area for entrepreneurs who wish to file a Work meeting plus comfortable, distended and with conditioning technology, drinking something and closing deals, That is what it is.