Technological tools specific for the proper development of the corporate event. Teams audiovisual with the last trends in the market, personal micros, virtual reality glasses, …

audiovisual systems last generation, equipment hire, simultaneous translation, sound.

Some of the tools we use to make your project a success:

  • CadmiumCB,
  • EventCollab,
  • EventGeek,
  • Fly Another Day,
  • Grip,
  • GruupMeet,
  • Green Hat People,
  • Visionteractive

our programmers I will offer the best solutions for your event, adapting at all times to the needs of your project.

We have technology Bracelit. Is a integral solution for the management and control of any event using electronic bracelets. We offer a modular service where our customers choose the features you want to use during your event, While among which we have developed or a solution as depending on your needs.

During all the event We collect all kinds of data allowing the organizer of the event increase your decisiveness instant and future events. Definitely, we provide a total control system, for you as an organizer of the event takes all data generated at your fingertips, while the user is using a more convenient tool to move the event, a simple bracelet.