Online reservations lo customize for you


We talk about Corporate travel? The transformation in this tool as useful for business is changing and at high speed, we We work effectively and dynamically.


our applied values to the companies:


Flexible schedule, We understand that entrepreneurs in general are busy in your work area, and schedules is not always the commercial itself; We also understand that the secretaries or other company employees can not occupy their time working solve issues such Reservations, coordinate schedules transfers, rent a car, etc. So our proposal is simple, call or you send a message when you have a chance, No Timetable.

Hyper – customization and Technology Mobile, applied to corporate travel, all reservations, maps, environmental apps, to reserve parking in advance upon arrival, etc. Everything in your mobile, and added to your calendar.

solutions Payment, It is no longer necessary for you to our offices trasladéis, simply completed your message reservation so Simple and effective.

We mobilized for you, "the time is gold" in this days, so we suggest you do not worry about commuting. Let your office or the place where you stay better and we plan customized corporate travel and as, whether incentives, of business, technical or recognition, to attend conferences, deformation, for VIP customers, entertainment for the whole family, great journeys, etc. While maintaining the same interlocutor, to offer special and personalized service you deserve.